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Michael Greene is a still life and paysage artist from Stephenville, Newfoundland. Greene describes his art “as a search for light”. These impressive oils are a visual delight with vivid reflections on the water.

When people in Stephenville Crossing think of Mike Greene two things usually come to mind, teaching, and running. Mike has been a teacher in the community of Stephenville Crossing for more than 26 years, 24 of which were spent at Assumption High School, first as Physical Education teacher, and then as combined Phy Ed, Science, and Math teacher. He moved to St. Michaels School, 2 years ago when Assumption amalagamated with St. Joseph’s High in St. Georges.

Michael started painting by reproducing art works of the Masters. He enjoys the work of many famous artists such as Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Velazquez.

Now that he has fine tuned his skills, he paints things that are a part of his everyday life. A tour of his home will show you paintings that have great meaning to Mike on a personal level.