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These paintings are an effort to emulate nature. I build layers and textures of paint. They are washed on and then scrubbed or scratched back. I encourage the paint to make its’ own marks. This process builds and reveals like layers of geology. I am particularly influenced by coastal erosion and how tide, wind and rain sculpt the shores of Coney Island, Co. Sligo.

At times I create a juxtapostion, for example the seemingly permanent, (like strats rocks), and kinetic elements such as sand and water. Also between micro and machro such as tiny details of fossilisation against the vast expanse of the Altantic Ocean. Another influence I consider is the sound of the landscape. I try to visualise the sound of wind blowing grasses of the rhythm of waves breaking on the shore. My working methods involve being close to land and sea. Working directly and from memory, in an investigation into space, light and colour.

At times I feel a sense of a Northern rhythm in the landscape. A combination of tides, planets, currents, winds and geology, With this in mind I wish to travel to Iceland, where these elements are at their most evident. I would hope to undertake a series of new works influenced by the Icelandic Landscape. I am currently researching the possibilities of studio space in Iceland, through the Central Art network of Iceland.