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As a “plein-air” artist, or one who paints in an immersive setting, Peter is drawn to powerful composition and colors. With Newfoundland as his home, it’s beauty gives him infinite creative opportunity.

Before residing in Newfoundland, Peter spent most of his childhood abroad. He was born in Oxford, England to Newfoundland parents. Upon completion of his father’s medical degree the family moved to Kampala, Uganda where his father worked as a medical doctor. At the age of nine, he and his family of eight moved to St. John’s where he spent the rest of his youth. After some time teaching in Swaziland, South Africa and Ogoki, an Ojibwa community in Northern Ontario as a young adult, he returned permanently to Newfoundland working as a Phys. Ed teacher.

Peter was exposed to painting as a young adult and became known for doing large 15ft by 25ft backdrops at school concerts. He is an expressionist/pleinairst; one who paints outside, and gets much of his influence from impressionist and post-impressionist artists like Pissarro, Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. He is also inspired by Canadian artists such as Tom Thompson and A.Y. Jackson.

Peter’s professional career as an artist began in 2006 when his artwork started being featured at local charity auctions. His first exhibition was held in 2008, at the Masonic Temple – which essentially was Peter’s official introduction onto the art scene in NL. 
Aside from his paintings, Peter is known as one the best long distance runners to come out of the province. He now redirects the same passion, focus and energy from his racing years in to his paintings.